Hello Everyone,

By means of this email I would like to introduce myself and welcome you to the BWC Rascal Learn to Play Hockey Program. My name is Brad Reynolds and I will be the head instructor and coach of the 2012-2013 Rascal Learn to Play Program. The rascal hockey program will be starting this Saturday October 6th and running up until Thursday December 20th a day before Christmas school break. We will then take a slight break and resume the program on January 5th and run straight through until the school break on March 14th when the program winds down. Every player in the program will have two ice times per week (Thursday and Saturday) and will be on the ice with three professional instructors at each ice session. I will be present at almost every ice time over the course of the program, there are a few sessions I will miss due to coaching obligations. The sessions I will not be in attendance my business partner Joe Saloustros will run along with two assisting instructors.
The Rascal Learn to Play program is designed to give every boy and girl a basic skill set and confidence that will better prepare them for minor hockey. This program has been run out of the BWC for decades and continues to put prepared hockey players in both the BWC and all the surrounding minor hockey associations. The primary focus of the program is based around skating, there is a minimum focus of at least 30 minutes of each ice time based on skating. Simply put the more confidence and strength your son or daughter has on their hockey skates the more enjoyable and rewarding the game of hockey will be.
For this hockey program every player is expected to have full equipment from head to toe. No exceptions are made at anytime, if you do not have full and proper gear we can not allow for you to go on the ice. Every player will be outfitted in a BWC jersey over the next couple weeks, however those jerseys are not in our hands yet and do not get handed out until we have assigned every player to a group of skaters that will best fit their hockey development. Please make sure you have a jersey for the first couple of weeks. Each ice time will have players in two different colors, this allows us to run game components and separate players quickly among each ice time.
The format for each ice time is very similar, though the development curve adjusts for each group that hits the ice. The first 3 – 5 minutes is puck time, players can skate around freely and  push pucks around the ice, score goals, and the stronger groups often organize quick mini games. The next 20 minutes focus entirely on skating. Players will work on their balance, stride, edges, stopping, turning, pivoting, backwards skating and more. After the skating portion they will have a water break, please be sure to bring a water bottle to the rink and have their name written on it so they can identify it. Once the players finish their water break they will be separated into three groups and they will have a different theme they will be working on in each area of the ice. The players will work on each skill station for 6 – 7 minutes and move onto the next station. The players will then meet at center ice at the end of each session for a congratulations before being sent home.
The BWC has a excellent viewing area from up above and we encourage all the parents to watch from in that area. Standing down at ice level typically doesn’t send the best message to your son or daughter and often leads to distractions and over coaching. All of the coaches running this program have minimum 500 hours of experience in the Rascal program and many coaches have over 10,000 hours of on ice coaching time. If you ever have a question please feel free to talk to us, all the coaches are very approachable and happy to help you with any questions or concerns. I am also very good with getting back to emails and if you can’t catch my ear at the rink feel free to shoot me an email.
After reading this email I hope that everyone can email me back with their kids appropriate groupings. These groups are entirely based on ability. Age and time convenience do not factor in to the on ice program. The rascal program has four groupings this year. Please reply to this email with the grouping that you think is best for your son or daughter. I will organize the groups and then email each group their skating times.

  1. Rascals 1 – Brand New to Hockey With 3 Levels of Skating Lessons
  2. Rascals 2 – New to Hockey With More Experience in Skating Lessons
  3. Rascals 3 – Returning to the Rascal Hockey Player or Equivalent Experience
  4. Rascals 4 – Returning Rascal Players Comfortable With Puck Skills
Example of email….. Please put my son John Smith in Rascal 2.
For those families that are participating in the BWC Rascal Learn to Play program for the first time there is a few things that the Burnaby Winter Club asks us to remind all their guests:
1) The program will be run on the activity rink at the Burnaby Winter Club. There are two buildings on the BWC property and we are in the building on the leftThe entrance for every player or parent with a hockey bag or stick is on the east side of the building clearly marked. Every family can enter through the clearly marked doors and you will notice an assigned dressing room on the tv monitor. To get to the dressing rooms please walk downstairs and look for the assigned room.
2) After the ice time we ask everyone to exit the same way you entered. There is a tremendous amount of foot traffic through the BWC every day and keeping sticks, skates and bags out of the lobby area keeps the BWC looking great for everyone.
3) No parent is ever allowed to be on the ice surface at anytime. This means in running shoes or skates. If the coaches are not on the ice we ask to be patient and wait. They will be out there before each session and will make sure everything is set up before anyone steps on the ice.
4) Finally we encourage everyone to enjoy the moment. 530 am practice times, ice conflicts, tryouts, travel tournaments and unorganized volunteers may all come down the road but not right now. These players are fortunate to get quality ice times in an environment that will allow them to have fun and develop as hockey players. The learning curve for these young kids is amazing, feel free to record their progress on video and see how far they come along over half a year. Remember every parent is responsible for creating an atmosphere that the kids experience, so please be positive with not just your child but others around the rink.
If you can please put a piece of tape or a sticker on their helmet with their name on it the coaches will be able to memorize the players names that much quicker.
Thank you for taking part in the BWC Rascal Program.