Inside Edge will be running two body checking clinics in the spring at Planet Ice Coquitlam on Sunday Evenings. These camps are to help prepare players born in 2002 with the proper technique and safety to play contact hockey in Bantam.


Spring Body Checking Clinics

Sunday Evenings at Planet Ice Coquitlam

April 5th – June 7th

Program targeted towards kids entering Bantam contact hockey

Bantam Group #1 – Tier 3 to 7 Players (5:00 pm)

Bantam Group #2 – Tier 1 to 3 Players (6:45 pm)


The focus of the clinic is to give every player the proper tools and confidence to protect and pursue the puck in a fun and positive environment. Players are grouped according to their skill level so that they get the most out of the program. Putting the players in skill specific groups gives the players more confidence and more opportunities to practice their skills at a game related pace. Placing players in an advanced group may take away the players confidence and put the player in an unsafe environment. Players are grouped into 2 to 4 stations on the ice, depending on the drills, and there are four qualified coaches on the ice each session.