4 on Pond Hockey

Our 4 on 4 Pond Hockey program is going into its 10th year. The program has been great for kids looking to get in game time over the spring in an unstructured environment were they are encouraged to be creative and have fun.

4 on 4 pond hockey give the kids a place to enjoy hockey in a non coached environment. There are two age groups of the program.  There are 22 players and goalies for each ice session. Players are divided into two teams and are divided into two different teams weekly. The ice time is an hour hockey game after a brief warm-up the teams are formed.  Shifts are set to a two minute buzzer and equal ice time is enforced. Score is not kept on the board as this is a relaxed environment to develop confidence with the hockey puck. This is the fifth year of the 4 on 4 programs and it is a positive environment with the emphasis on having fun. All minor penalties result in a penalty shot and all major penalties result in a game ejection.