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Premier Hockey Training Since 2003

Every second in Canada a pair of hockey skates are being laced up. We want to give every player a reason to lace them up again tomorrow. Our coaching team wants every player to leave the ice with a smile on their face. Through the game of hockey we want to provide each individual player with a healthy, socially interactive, fun and rewarding experience.

For the past 15 years Inside Edge Hockey Training has been providing hockey players with the greatest experience possible. “Giving you an EDGE up on life” is what we strive on offering everyday.

Inside Edge hockey will fit into your families life. We provide a safe environment, work on creating friendships, enable individual growth, and most importantly give players a reason to come back to the rink.

That is what “Giving you an EDGE” is all about.

Our coaching team are role models, teachers, leaders, and friends. We are always fair, encouraging and committed to you. Inside Edge is always growing and attaining more knowledge in and around the game of hockey.

That is how you have an “EDGE” up on everyone.

Inside Edge. Your hockey family, at any level of the game.