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Ryan Bremner

Owner / Instructor

Ryan has been involved coaching for the past thirteen years, during this time he has worked with numerous associations and elite hockey programs. Most notably Ryan spent seven seasons at the Burnaby Winter Club as a Head Coach, Associate Coach and a Skills Coach. During this time Ryan worked with the players from the Rascals Program all the way through to BCHL, WHL and NCAA players.

During the spring months Ryan enjoys developing players within the Jr Steelers Spring Hockey Program. It is his belief that players can develop more during these months because they are surrounded by individuals of the same caliber and dedication to progress. Seeing the progression as sixteen individuals in March turn to families making summer vacations plans together in June is one of the most rewarding feelings you can experience, knowing that these kids have build a bond that is much greater than just a game of hockey. 

Currently Ryan is the Director of Hockey Operations for Coquitlam Minor Hockey Association. Where he is working closely with the many volunteers and user groups within Coquitlam to best help find a ways to get young kids involved in minor hockey, while providing a well rounded on ice development program for current players.

Growing up in Port Moody, Ryan played hockey and baseball competitively while participating in mountain biking, basketball, swimming, golf, lacrosse and rugby as his hobbies. It is because of his own childhood Ryan is a strong advocate for multi-sport athletes. Besides the physical development aspect of multi-sports it is very important that youth have the opportunity to be tasked with different roles within a team. It is these situations which give them the tools to be able to adapt on a team, group            project or in the working world. 

Ryan’s passion comes from his ability to help and guide players to succeed both on and off the ice, instilling great life skills for our future leaders.